Sara Price won’t settle for less than a Stadium Super Trucks Victory

Coming into the second Terracross event of the season at Hay Days in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sara hadn’t raced a UTV on dirt in months. For those not familiar with racing, this would be like an Olympic swimmer only practicing their freestyle stroke, right up until they jumped into the pool on race day to compete in the backstroke.

“I didn’t feel that comfortable in practice,” says Sara. “I realized I needed to relax and find my flow — being back on dirt is like going back to my roots.”

That wasn’t the only pressure Price was under. Last year, Price took home the Terracross Championship in the woman’s Class and was the first person in Terracross history to win all the main race events of the series. Would she be able to defend her title and keep the streak alive?

Yes – absolutely. Price won both events in the women’s class and also won against the men in a combined event. She set several records in the process, notching her eighth consecutive win in the series and her second this year. She’s the first woman to win against the men and remains unbeaten from last year.

Price is now looking ahead to something she wants even more — switching her headspace to get back into a Stadium Super Truck to race on September 16, in Costa Mesa, CA. To race and win in front of her hometown crowd. Sara’s parents and support group will be watching her race in a Super Truck in person – many of them for the first time.

“When I’m racing, I’m able to blank out a lot of this stuff, but at the same time it puts the pressure on,” says Sara. “There’s nothing I want more than to have my parents there when I stand on the Stadium Super Trucks podium.”