Sara Price Gets Back on Dirt to Defend Terracross Championship
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Sara Price Gets Back on Dirt to Defend Terracross Championship

  |   News, Trophy Trucks

Sara Price wouldn’t be happy without racing in her life. In July, Sara became the first woman to race a Stadium Super Truck and lead the pack for much of the race in Toronto. But she’s not one to rest — instead, she’s got a title to defend.

Last year Sara took home the Terracross championship in the women’s class, and was the first person in Terracross history to win all the main race events of the series. The pressure is on for her to defend her title.

“My season has been great so far and I’ve spent a lot of energy throwing myself into the SST series,” says Sara. “Getting back into a UTV on dirt is like coming home for me, but I haven’t raced in one since February. The field is stacked with talented women and I’m going to jump back in with both feet. “

Sara will be back on the track on Saturday, September 10, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we’ll be following up with her for coverage of the race.


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